We help you improve the experience for survivors, scale your RCC/DV volunteer program, track hours & calls for VOCA and get funding for every call you answer.


Organizations We Work With

"Helpline Software created a customized call management system for BAWAR's 24/7 crisis line and 24/7 accompaniment service. The donation of time and ongoing service has had a HUGE impact on BAWAR's ability to effectively support survivors every day ... we couldn't be more thankful"

--- Bay Area Women Against Rape


Phone Calls

Are advocates getting called by the answering service when speaking to a client or does your service call people that aren't on shift?


Volunteers login to request shifts. Admin can assign / split any shift & instantly update the call routing.

Reporting & Burnout

How many Hotline shifts were taken by volunteers last month? Who's most at risk of burnout? Just check your dashboard.


We're designed to protect survivor phone numbers and conversations.


Simplify going on a SART by texting the hotline robot to mark yourself as unavailable for 24h, and mark yourself as available when you come back.


Pricing that makes sense for Rape Crisis Centers.

Account Management

When you lose key staff, or have organizational restructuring, we're there to re-optimize your hotline workflows, handle retraining, make sure you don't lose institutional knowledge, and problem solve everything else.

Want to see how it works?